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Always drawn to the connections I can make with my creativity. The process of research, discovery, iterate on the road to solving that puzzle and connecting people with an experience that pushes me.

I strive to communicate outwardly as well as absorbing all I can from life’s experiences that broadens my horizon whether it be a conversation, culture, activities, getting lost or watching someone else get lost. My empathy, curiosity and resourcefulness allows me to reveal questions needed to be asked. Understanding is the first step to creating something useful and engaging. In this understanding I am able to dissect an experience and my creativity drives me to piece together that puzzle.


Aug 2009–Jun 2017
JJ JUICE Package Designer, Orlando, FL/New York, NY

  • Design, illustration and layout of bottle labels for main products.
  • Worked with founder of business extensively.

Aug 2009–Jun 2017
WEBMD PROFESSIONAL Interactive Web Designer, New York, NY

  • Design and update of online marketing products, ranging from storyboards for animated promotions, prototyping self directed presentations, emails and online drivers in desktop and mobile formats for the promotion of pharmaceutical products to medical professionals.
  • Worked with Project Managers, editors and Writers to gain client’s approval.
  • Accounts include products from Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Norvartis, Senofi-Aventis, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, to name a few.

Jun 2010
SCRIBBLE & TWEAK Consultant, New York, NY

  • Collaborated with principle/creative director to develop user experience.
  • Through brainstorming, sketching user journeys and interview, we developed a flow both visually and functionally to properly and accurately communicate his creative vision and process.

Nov 2007–Mar 2009
DDB WORLDWIDE Designer, New York, NY

  • A range of projects from print to digital, concept, design, prototyping, production and image retouching for websites, book covers, posters, POS and logos.
  • Accounts include New York State Lottery, DDB, Electrolux, Exxon/Mobile, Hertz, Unilever/Klondike.

Oct 2006– Nov 2007
MCKINSEY & COMPANY Flash Designer, New York, NY

  • Design and production of flash based presentations and learning modules. Including video manipulation, chart creation and animation.

SPECIAL OPS MEDIA Art Director, Brooklyn, NY

  • Concept and storyboard of streaming online animated ad promoting Disney’s Cars Blu-ray DVD. Chosen from a number concept from other Art Directors.

ATMOSPHERE BBDO Designer/Production Artist, New York, NY

  • Production and design of various interactive projects for Cingular, Target, Citibank, Wildlife Conservation Society, etc..
  • Designing, image research and layout for online ads and web sites.

MODEM MEDIA Interactive Graphic Designer, Norwalk, CT

  • Involved with interactive campaigns for Advil, Sirius Radio and Delta.
  • Redesign, production for web, photo research and retouching for e-mail newsletters, websites and promotional material.

Nov 2004–Aug 2006
VERIFIED PERSON, Inc. Creative Director, New York, NY

  • Worked closely with CEO and COO to develop branding and all sales support.
  • Developed complete creative and project management process from concept to delivery while establishing a visual theme for a national marketing campaign.
  • All essential marketing vehicles including trade show booths, banners, datasheets, whitepapers, brochures, direct mail, animated video and 
prototyping online products.
  • Managed all related outsourcing, vendor communications, pricing and ensuring on-time delivery of products and services within budget and tight deadlines.

Feb 2004–Oct 2005
JACK MORTON WORLDWIDE Graphic Designer, Boston, MA

  • Numerous design projects including Gillette product presentation CD, booklet and packaging.

STAPLES Art Director, Framingham, MA

  • Design and information architect including charts, diagrams and written directions, operating instructions for US and Canadian versions of Staples branded products.

ALLIED DOMECQ Art Director, Boston, MA

  • Design, layout and production of internal product catalog for Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, and Togo’s Restaurants.

THE UNITED WAY Graphic Designer, Boston, MA

  • Design for print advertisements and marketing material for numerous fundraising campaigns.

May 2003–May 2004

  • Concept, design, project management of printed banners, posters, brochures, direct mail, publication advertisements, website and signage for exhibits, and events for an international audience.
  • Managed freelance designer.
  • Worked closely with copywriters, production managers, department heads and the CEO to take projects from kickoff to final design.
  • Designed international advertisements for marketing of a publication that has been translated into 17 languages.

Jul 2000–Jul 2002
SWITCHBOARD.COM Senior Graphic Designer, Westborough, MA

  • Worked closely with the Director of Marketing in concept brainstorming, design, user experience and execution of main website.
  • Coordinated with programmers to develop and maintain websites.
  • Developed visual design of website and logo for “Maps On Us”.

Jun 2000
NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA User Experience/User Interface, Los Angeles, CA

  • Working closely with an news editor, we were charged with developing a travel portal geared for the business traveller.
  • Developed user experience, user interview, wireframe, sitemap, website design and vendor sources.

Feb 1998–Feb 2000
BOSTON.COM Product Development/Web Designer, Boston, MA

  • Lead on product development such as auctions, mp3 and e-commerce.
  • Designed and produced over 200 microsites, featured ads and affiliate websites.
  • Developed visual design of

User Experience/Brainstorm, prototype, feedback, iteration New York, NY User Experience
User Experience/Design Think New York, NY User Experience
GENERAL ASSEMBLY New York, NY User Experience
MOUNT IDA COLLEGE Newton, MA, Graphic Design


User experience design, user centered design/research, design think, wire framing, user journey, user flow. Visual design, print and digital design, time-line based video/animation. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Omni Graffle, Sketch, HTML, CSS, After Effects, InVision.