Tracy Fitness

Brand identity for a fitness company based in Taiwan. The company’s primary product are training and equipment supply for rebounding. This form of exercise is new to the region.

Cars Blu-ray

Cars Blu-ray

Development of concept and storyboarding for streaming ad promoting the release of the Blu-ray version of Disney’s Cars animated movie. This was chosen out of other options presented from a number of Art Directors to be produced.The concept was based on existing footage cut in a way to emphasize the features available on the Blu Ray disc.




Charts and learning modules used for online training for healthcare professionals, online advertisements driving customers to the information from the pharmaceutical companies.

American Express

American Express Flowers

Design. This postcard advertises American Express Open promotion involving 1-800Flowers.com. The challenge was to communicate to the business sector. With a focus on the natural beauty of the flowers rather then a romantic angle. 6″x9″ postcards.

VW 4motion

Volkswagen 4motion

This comp is used in conjunction with other promotional material such as a brochure to promote Volkswagon’s innovative 4motion system. Images invites one to confidently take their automobiles with 4motion over any terrain even in the most inclimate weather where there is safety in it’s control and stability. The site details the technical background on how the torque-sensing, fully automatic center differential distributes power between front and rear axles. Of courses drivers are always wanted.

Chinese Motif presentation

Chinese Motifs

Poster along with an invitation for a presentation on the evolution of Chinese Motifs from its origins as a significant cultural icon of a rich and ancient society to a more decorative style over many generations.

book cover 1

Swarm Marketing Book

Concept and design. This was used in a presentation to the executive at DDB Worldwide who was the author of this book. The idea was that a single source can create a buzz that others will follow in a form of network (swarm) with nothing more in common than that source. This form of marketing provides opportunity to build and/or strengthen brands with very little resource spent.

Conservation International

Conservation International

The main website for Conservation International, their mission is “…to conserve the Earth’s living heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.” The website tries to create awareness with powerful images and videos that include interviews with authors, artist, professors, prominent figures of business, and royalty including Harrison Ford, Lee Scott and Al Gore to name a few. Working with a team I was charged with design, choosing, cropping and retouching the majority of the images used in the “Stop The Clock” section. This is where information can be found for numerous endangered animals throughout the world.

DDB Worldwide

DDB Worldwide

Presented to the executives at Amplify (an interactive devision within DDB) for the redesign of the main website of the DDB headquarters located in New York City. The goal was to stay within the marketing guidelines of DDB while differentiating itself as the New York office. A level of subtelty was needed to balance the two. As the user selects a catagory to view, elements of the city are used to reinforce New York without being overwhelming or taking away from the DDB branded style.

Internation Fight League


Posters used to promote this mix martial arts league’s upcoming match-ups. The question posed and impact of the image is used to create interested in this very competitive and intense sport. 11″x17″ poster.

Transformers website


This site includes games, a PDF comic book, character profile that includes sketches used to promote toys sold exclusively at Target. My involvement included layout, design and image retouching of a number sections including the sign up pages, character profile PDF’s, along with parts throughout the entire site.