This project was for Powder Magazine. Powder caters to the advanced to expert skier referring to the condition of the snow desired. The goal of this project was to increase readership by attracting more skiers through a new product or feature. Most skiers dream of fresh untouched snow where the sense of surfing on soft light powder is the ideal experience. The solitude and freedom of the wilderness, the promise of fresh snow away from the controlled environment and crowds of a resort are the appeal. In most situations in order to find such conditions require a trek to the backcountry as soon as possible after extended snowfall or “dump”. Being properly equipped, having the proper experience, physically conditioned and well information of the terrain and weather conditions are mandatory when hiking, skinning (attachments to skis to allow for traction in the snow for uphill use) or climbing to these secluded locations. Not being weighed down is very important for a good time with a balance of the proper gear needed for safety. My solution was to find a better way to reach the skiers during their activity by creating something useful. Leveraging Powder Magazine’s database of the latest gear from their annual review, this tool allows easy access and an overview of the gear they posses when packing for a trip. The ability for the mobile app to function offline allows for flexibility in locations without access to the internet. Weight and size are easily calculated and viewed. There is also the ability to compare specifications and reviews when shopping for new equipment with a quick scan of the product barcode or entering the product description.